We are a small family business working in the Westcountry and have over 30 years experience in creating top quality guitars and mandolines to our clients specifications. David lived in Exeter, Devon and his son Nicholas lives just down the road in Newton Abbot and will be continuing the business just as David wanted. We operate from a workshops at our home and are happy to welcome you to discuss your requirements and usually we will have a stock instruments that we are happy for you to have a ‘strum’. Quality .. Build or Sound The look and final finish of an instrument is important but only after the tonal quality. Top quality timbers shaped and assembled always with the required sound in mind if done with skill and craftmanship will result in an instrument that should look good as well. Design Whilst we  can build an instrument with only an outline guide from our clients, our aim is to produce a top quality instrument that incorporates as many of your ideas as practical. We have plans and design information for many guitar and mandoline styles but can also create designs outside of the box for more ‘individual’ instrument ideas. Most of our guitars are based on Martin shape and styles .. why ? .. well simply because Martin have been making guitars for a very long time and have got the design right, and of course you all now what we are talking about when we say “triple 0” or “D28” .. but if you don’t, no problem ! we can explain all the different sizes and sytles without resorting to jargon . mostly :-) Of course. although the early Oddy instruments where based on established lines, thats not to say that they hasn’t evolved with more than 30years experience, that’s what gives the unique Oddy sound and tone. Similarily, we build mandolins based on Gibson styles. And of course our signature instrument the Oddy Cello Mandolin notably played by Steve Knightley of Show of Hands is based on a ‘tourist’ instrument brought back from Eastern Europe which has subsequently been refined by David into the classic it is today. David Oddy Nick Oddy