Show of Hands

 Steve Knightley and Phil Beer are widely  acknowledged as the finest acoustic roots duo in England and play  many of our instruments from Guitars to Cuatros and of course Steve  has been instrumental in making the cello mandolin our most popular  seller .. thanks Steve :-) What Steve says about David Oddy indstruments “We have been playing David Oddy instruments for nearly 30 years and the Show of Sound is defined by them, in particular the mandocello has been responsible for some of our best loved songs such as Country Life and Roots.  In recent years the sweet punchy tone of the tenor guitar has inspired even more. We are delighted that Nick is continuing the tradition of craftsmanship that his father began, as well as creating beautiful instruments Nick is always available for advice and instrument maintenance. On stage I feature the guitars, mandocello, tenor guitar and also the unique South American tones of the cuatro and with Nick’s help hope to be featuring these Oddy instruments for years to come.Steve Knightley

Martyn Joseph

 A favourite artist of ours  “David Oddy’s tenor guitar gave me a new insight and a new door into my songwriting. I found voicing’s that I would have struggled to find on a six string and textures that have inspired some of my most popular songs. Add to that the sheer beauty and quality of the craftsmanship and it has become an instrument that I greatly treasure. I take it all over the world and wouldn't dream of being on stage without it. I’m thrilled that Davids son Nick will continue to build upon his Fathers legacy and create these beautiful guitars that channel so much joy into the world. ' Martyn Joseph He plays a tenor guitar created by David that was made from a  Mahogany desk owned by David’s father.

Ian Cleverdon of The Huers

 The Huers: Phil Caffrey and Ian Cleverdon are an acoustic duo based in North West England, and regularly appear with their Oddy instruments around the UK, performing both their own material and their unique arrangements of popular songs. Ian plays David Oddy cello-mandolin, OM guitar, mandolin and tenor, Phil plays a David Oddy cello-mandolin. They can often be seen demonstrating the instruments at guitar shows as part of their work with Bose Professional PA systems. More information can be found at where you can see videos of them playing their David Oddy instruments. Paul Downes Paul's sensitive and yet fun approach to his live performances puts him among the most respected artists on the British acoustic music scene today. He has been introduced (much to his embarrassment) as one of the greatest acoustic guitarists in the world. It is easy to see why when you see the dazzling array of styles he performs with effortless brilliance, but at the same time he considers himself as a singer of songs, rather than a guitar technician.  What Paul says about Oddy instruments…I’m pleased and proud to be the owner of the very first instrument David Oddy ever sold - the first mandocello.I have subsequently become the owner of a guitar, banjo and mandolin - all of fabulous quality - indeed, my guitar is, arguably, one of the finest ever built anywhere.I am delighted that the tradition of fine craftsmanship is being carried on by David’s son, Nick.  The legend continues...” Paul Downes 

David Jenkinson of Two’s Company

David sings and plays guitar and cello-mandolin. He was taught his first instruments – piano and trumpet – by teachers at school, but began learning to play electric guitar without tuition aged fifteen. One year later he was given his first acoustic guitar, and he fell in love with folk music the same summer at Fairport’s 40th Cropredy Convention. He has since taught himself to play the cello-mandolin and tenor guitar, and has ambitions to further expand his collection of acoustic instruments in the future.  Now an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, David draws inspiration from the playing of various names you might expect – Kris Drever, Jim Moray, Steve Knightley  – and the music of some you might not – Ed Sheeran, Bryan Adams, Green Day.

Pete Christie

A British singer-songwriter / acoustic fingerstyle  guitarist who plays from the heart and sings from the soul – a must see for anyone  who loves acoustic music. He plays a sunburst Indian Rosewood Dreadnought guitar see him playing it here

Flynn Cohen

Acoustic Guitarist Flynn Cohen has performed all over the world with many notable acts in traditional and contemporary acoustic music. See his website here .. or follow him on Facebook

John Williams

Singer songwriter Folk and Roots acoustic music. The proud owner of 4 Oddy instruments  2 Cello Mandolins, Tenor Guitar and 000 concert Guitar,  playing in festivals and folk clubs across the  England and Wales.

Mark Pidgeon

Singer songwriter and founding member of 'Fagins Gang'

Ian Walker

Plays a rather nice Quilted Maple Oddy Guitar and Mandocello. Ian has now formed his own Band, “THE IAN WALKER BAND” comprising Moe Walker, Jimmy Scott and Ian.

Orchid Electronics

John Godsland is an electronics wizard producing some fantastic audio kit including a great DI box used by Steve Knightley amongst many others.
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