We don’t usually have a lot of instruments in stock as most are produced individually and customised for a client. However, we do sometimes have a spare moment to create an instrument just for stock, maybe experimenting with a new decoration style or trussrod. These instruments will then appear in here. Also we will often create two instruments of the same style when we are building to a commission just because we have the molds and jigs on the workbench, and as accidents can happen its sensible to have a ‘spare’. Those ‘spares’ will appear here also. Although stock instruments are usually finished, polished and set-up with standard action, we will be happy to see clients for the normal free setup session to personalise the setup if required. In the stock room at the moment . Weissenborn Lap Steel Guitars ... David created a whole family of these iconic instruments in Sapele. Octave Mandola 5 string ‘G’ Banjo’s .. several in stock More to follow on our new website which is coming soon.